Wholesale distributor of upholstery grade fabric, vinyl supplies and polyurethane foam to the upholstery trade

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Foam Fabrication

We stock pre-cut 24” x 80” foam from ½” to 6” thick in several densities and levels of firmness.  Call for a supply catalog.  In addition we’re able to cut foam to any dimension.  Our in-house design team can assist you with any project from a simple arched sat to a contoured restaurant booth back.

Check out or supply catalog to view the types of foams we offer! 

Current Supply Catalog Download

  • Horizontal HT Slitter and SRE

    Pictured above is our state of the art HT slitter and SRE (sheet removal elevator), followed by our Vertical Profile wire saw. All production is set in an in-line format for maximum efficiency.


  • Vertical Fast Wire CNC profile saw

    Above is our vertical fast wire CNC profile saw. Architectural drawings can be uploaded via DXF files and saved for future use. Our in house design team is here to assist with any project from a simple arched seat front to a contoured restaurant booth back.


  • Horizontal Blade CNC

    Shown above is our newest and most advanced fabrication machine. The horizontal blade CNC profile saw. The 98” blade length allows for seamless, dust free parts like those pictured below. 

    This saw has the ability to turn 90 degrees for multiple profiles on a single part or hundreds of parts without human intervention. All of our machines are designed for high volume production. We know both cost and delivery time are important factors to you and these machines help reduce both. Let us put them to work for you!


  • Acoustic sound panels, chair cushions and half bolsters.

    These are just a FEW different foam parts we are able to produce. If you have something that needs to be upholstered it is likely we can produce the foam for the job!