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Foam Terminology

CFR: This abbreviation along with any foam designation signifies that the foam meets the California Fire

retardant specifications or CAL117 spec.


DENSITY: Is the actual weight per cubic foot (12”x12”x12”) of foam.  Density is independent from firmness. Foams that have a higher urethane content will be more dense, so they will weigh more than foams of lesser urethane content.


FIRMNESS: As it relates to urethane foam firmness (also known as compression), this describes the re- sistance when pushing or sitting on a piece of foam. firmness or ifd (indentation and force deflection) is categorized as soft, medium, firm, & extra firm. The actual designations of firmness will range from 10 (super soft) to over 100 (very firm). medium foams run in the 35-40 IFD range.


HIGH RESILIENCE (HR) Foam: A premium variety of polyurethane foam. High resilience foam has a cell structure different from conventional products. The different cell structure helps add support, comfort and durability. High resilience foams have a high support factor which describes the relationship of surface comfort to deep down support. High resilience foam is primarily sold at higher density levels. HR foam is considered to be a very high quality material for use in upholstered furniture.


URETHANE CONTENT: Urethane content will affect the overall performance and longevity of the foam. The greater the urethane content, the higher quality the foam will be. Urethane contents will range from 1.0 lb per square foot (poor) to 3.0 lbs per square foot (excellent). Foam with high urethane content will also not break down as quickly over time, therefore outlasting foam of lesser quality.


NOTE: Urethane foam is subject to a variance of (+ / – ) 6% on both the density and the ifd rating. This is an acceptable industry standard specification. in most cases, however, the consumer will not experi- ence a noticeable difference.


Luxury Fabrics categorizes our foams from soft to firm and good to best by using an easy to follow formula. For example, our purelux foam is referred to as “1835” which means that the first two numbers reflect the density of the foam (1.8 lbs) and the last two numbers reflect the firmness or compression (35 – medium).


We hope this information will make it easier for you to select the proper piece of foam for your project. If you have any questions, please contact us and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you. As always, thank you for choosing Luxury Fabrics for your foam needs.