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Vinyl Sample Books



  • Luxsport (LUX01)

    The unique 4-way stretch of this vinyl makes it perfect for contouring around any frame securing a tight, waterproof fit.

  • Advantage Heavy Duty (AV02)

    Nylon reinforced vinyls for mats, pads, covers and bags. Very durable and tear resistant.

  • Allante Carrara (ALCRVB)

    Durable PVC vinyls with a leather-like look with a very soft hand.

  • Allante (ALVB)

    Durable PVC vinyl with a leather-like look with a very soft hand.

  • Americana (CC03)

    Durable commercial grade PVC vinyl for residential and commercial use at a very affordable price.

  • Armada (MV11)

    Marine grade vinyls, sharply priced with a spectrum of bright and bold colors.

  • Vinyl Values (205)

    Economy minded multi-purpose vinyl at an affordable price.

  • Atmosphere and Perfection (AP02)

    Vinyls for Residential, Hospitality, healthcare and Automotive applications.

  • The Contract Collection (CC02)

    Complete selection of contract grade vinyls for residential and commercial use.

  • E-Z Vinyls (EZY07)

    Good performing vinyl pattern and our most economical price.

  • Xtreme (GV01)

    An affordably priced general Purpose vinyl with a textured matte finish grain.

  • Whisper (WHISPER)

    Leather-like vinyl with a soft hand for residential and commercial use.

  • Softside Marine (SSPM)

    Spradling marine grade vinyls with the PermGuard stain and soil repellant finish.

  • Softside Marine II (SSVB2)

    Spradling marine grade vinyls with the PermGuard stain and soil repellant finish.

  • Silvertex (STX10)

    The Cadillac of vinyls. Commercial grade vinyl with all the latest specifications and treatments available in the market. Meets most every major flame code.

  • Contract Vinyls (CC04)

    Latest collection of Spradling commercial grade vinyls featuring the well-known workhorse Patriot Plus pattern. This contains pattern vinyls as well as contemporary prints, subtly etched diamond and shiny strie patterns suitable for any environment.