Wholesale distributor of upholstery grade fabric, vinyl supplies and polyurethane foam to the upholstery trade

Grand Rapids, MI - (800)-253-3800

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Why Luxury Fabrics?

Same Day Shipping


Place your order by 3:00pm anyday of the week and your order will ship that day! Excludes custom custom foam. We ship your orders via Ups or Fedex to insure fast and prompt delivery. We try to include all items in a single package and compress foam and other large items to minimize the cost of shipping. As consumers ourselves we understand no one likes to pay for shipping, so we try our best to reduce this cost and pass the savings directly on to our customers! Carrier preference can be established, just call our sales team at 1-800-253-3800 and specify which carrier you would like noted on your account. 


Affordable Fabrics

Fabrics are expensive and we have a full line of fabric and vinyl designs for every budget.  In addition, we have a very popular line of fabrics pre-treated with Nano-Tex (see main website page for more information) which is included at no additional charge!

In Stock Fabrics

It’s one thing to supply you with many fabric books to run your business. It’s another to stock what you sample. Our order fill rate is above 95% with a minimum of back orders.